Inserting Word Art

To make your document more interesting.  For example, you are creating a flyer and want the event's name to be more noticeable.

1.   Click on Insert, then Picture, and then WordArt.



2.   The WordArt Gallery window appears. Select one of the styles and then click OK.



3.   The Edit WordArt Text window appears where you will enter the text and determine which font and what size.


4.   Type the text, for example, OPEN HOUSE. In the red circle, you can use the first pull-down arrow to change the font and the second pull-down arrow to resize the font.  The B button is used for boldface print, and the I button is used for italics.  Once you have made your selections, click OK.


5.   The WordArt now appears.  You can use the WordArt bar to edit your creation--resize, change fonts, change colors, etc.