Board of Education

The school board is a legislative body of citizens who are elected locally. The board consists of seven board members who serve four-year terms without pay. The superintendent is also an official (though non-voting) member of the board and attends all meetings and executive sessions.

The Regular Meeting of the Unit #7 Board of Education is held on the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Unity Junior High School, Media Center, 1121 CR 800N, Tolono, IL 61880. The public is invited to attend all meetings and an agenda is provided at the meeting. Members of the public who wish to address the board prior to action items may sign up with the board secretary or email  (boardsecretary@unity.k12.il.us) prior to 7:00 p.m.  

Comments are limited to three minutes.
Douglas L. Rund- Board of Education (President)- Term ends- 2025 - Started 11/1995 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

Roger P. Oakes- Board of Education (President Pro-tem) - Term ends - 2023 - Started 4/2007 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

Lori E. Garrett- Board of Education (Secretary) - Term ends- 2023 - Started 11/1997 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

Tracy A. Wilson- Board of Education- Term Ends - 2023 - Started 4/2001 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

James M. Branson, Jr. - Board of Education- Term Ends - 2025 - Started 8/2014 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

Nathan C. Baxley- Board of Education- Term Ends - 2025 - Started 4/2016 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

Ronald E. Estes- Board of Education- Term Ends - 2023 - Started 4/2022 - Completed OMA/PERA Training

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