Physical Education/Health/Driver Ed

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Students are required to wear P.E. clothes.

Physical Education – Co-Educational Classes – Year Course - .50 credit – Grades 9-12

State Course ID: 08001A000

The physical education program has been established to provide the student with a wide variety of activities. It is the mission of the department to give students the opportunity to acquire physical skills and knowledge that will be of use to them throughout their lives. It is the goal of the program that an enjoyable learning environment is provided so that the student will have the opportunity to learn these skills and acquire this knowledge in a friendly classroom setting. The major emphasis will be in active participation in the individual and team activities that are offered.

Fitness Physical Education – Co-Educational Classes- Year Course .50 credit

Grades 9-12 - State Course ID: 08009A000

This class will follow a weight-training program specifically designed to develop overall strength, explosiveness and speed. This course will also help develop and increase muscle definition, endurance, and cardio respiratory training. Students will receive knowledge in proper lifting technique, stretching, and the correlation of lifts to the muscle groups to enhance athletic performance. This course will also include many forms of cardio endurance activities.

Health – Semester Course - .50 credit - State Course ID

*Required for graduation

State Course ID: 08051A000

Health education is designed to help solve problems in the area of physical, social, and mental health. Emphasis is placed on the provision of scientific information, the development of understanding of important health concepts. Students will examine a wide range of health topics and perform various activities that will help them gain understanding of their responsibility toward their own health.

Driver Education - State Course ID: 08151A000

Fee for Behind the Wheel Driving

In accordance with House Bill 418 students who desire to take a Driver Education course must receive a passing grade in at least eight courses during the previous two semesters prior to enrolling in Driver Education.

Due to the nine month permit requirement all freshman are put into the classroom session in an attempt that they may receive their license by their 16th birthday. Parents can request to have their child take Drivers Ed classroom at a later date.

This course is offered in a two-phase program consisting of a nine-week classroom session and a behind the wheel phase. The classroom phase is used to instruct each student with the safest and the most efficient methods of driving. The basis of this phase is the IPDE process. Students will be taken out of their PE class during the time of their classroom instruction. Students are required to be in attendance for 37 class hours to complete the state requirement. Students who are not in attendance for these hours will be removed and put back in their Physical Education class.

The behind the wheel phase consists of six hours each in actual practice driving and in observation. This permits each student the opportunity to apply the methods of safe and efficient driving.

*Any student that wishes to take Dr Education must be in a PE class or study hall for a semester.

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